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Are you seeking more than just basic accounts filing? You've come to the right place!Now's the time to talk to and get support from someone who gets you and your potential. You're ready to put your head down and focus in, not on the business.
We can help you:
Know how how your business is performing at any time, on any day (not the usual annual accounts focused on the previous 12-months!).
Pinpoint, quantify and realise opportunities £s lurking in your business.
Bounce ideas off and be held accountable and challenged by an experienced accountant who's emotionally invested in your success!
But of course if you need the usual, standard accountancy and bookkeeping services we can assist you.
Already have an existing accountant to take care of your compliance work? We are happy to work alongside them.
We support business owners throughout their accounting year (click here hop downwards to take a look), or on a project basis looking at specific areas that need some extra focus (click here hop further downwards to take a look). 

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Fancy a chat to see if we could support you and your business?And if we get on?

Click on the button below and follow the steps to schedule a slot in Libby's calendar.This will then reserve a 20-minute chat where we can get to know you and yourbusiness accounting needs better and explore how we can support you.

Ongoing Support


Before Iceberg Accounting, we have all worked in "proper businesses", so we understand the juggle of IN the business and ON the business. We have spent years looking at financials from all different angles and talking about them in understandable ways.


Here for you throughout the year, not just at year-end. As a team of financially-minded-wing-women who love getting to know you and your business better and what makes it all tick!


We are a Xero practice. If you're already on Xero then great, if not, then if your business needs to be on software we can either migrate you across or set you up on Xero.



● Preparation & submission of year-end accounts● Company & self-assessment tax returns● Payroll – submission and online payroll portal (if relevant)● VAT – preparation & submission of VAT returns (if relevant)● Xero & Dext subscription (if relevant)

This Business Basics is going to get your compliance taken care of, so your year-end accounts are completed & submitted to Companies House/HMRC; together with a pre-year end meeting to explore planning ahead of the year-end.
This service level is perfect if you want to:● Look backwards at your financials and need your compliance done● Have no cashflow worries● Free up time in your diary but having a professional look at your current business financials



Business Basics Plus support and resources to help bring clarity and focus to what you have achieved so far and where you are currently, along with in-the-year planning.
Includes:● Business Basics (relevant elements)● Business position review● Bookkeeping (if relevant)● Quarterly financial management packs and review meetings

The Clarity & Focus package includes everything in the Business Basics package but we are going to go further into your financials, reviewing the numbers together and understanding the patterns.
This service level is for you if you are:● A start-up business looking to build strong foundations● An established business looking to delve into greater detail as you prepare for the next level● VAT registered or aiming to be in the next six months● Wanting to fully understand your bank balance● Aware your business numbers could tell you more and be utilised better● Aware you need to get a better handle on the numbers within your business and the drivers behind them



Business Basics Plus Clarity & Focus Plus here we look ahead in your business – working strategically with your vision; putting together forecasts; determining KPIs.
Includes:● Business Basics (relevant elements)● Clarity & Focus● Monthly financial management pack with regular review meetings● Determination of the business vision and goals to achieve it● Identification and measurement of KPIs● Preparation of forecasts and review against them
The Drive & Optimise package includes everything in the Business Basics together with Clarity & FocusIt's about stepping up to the next level, owning your financial results and building on them to achieve the business you want.
This service level is right for you if you are:● A start-up business aiming to quickly establish a comprehensive understanding of your operations to ensure sustainable rapid growth● An established businesses who want the time together to understand their strategic financials and identify the opportunities for the next growth phase● Requiring a forward-looking approach to plan and build for the upcoming stage● Seeking to translate the ideas and information in your mind into tangible actions within your business



Are you a driven business owner with big goals in mind? Throughout the year we partner with a select few businesses aspiring to achieve substantial goals and rapid business growth. For that small group, we work with them to Drive and Optimise but on a supercharged level.
This includes the support of the previous levels (Business Basics Plus Clarity & Focus Plus Drive & Optimise) together with monthly one-to-ones of tailored sessions to build for growth; with long-term strategic planning for you and your business.
The service level is perfect if you:● Want to achieve remarkable change in your business fast● Are a business owner who want to put the time in to get a deeper understanding of your business to build sustain growth

Does this sound like you?


● Now's the time to talk to someone who gets you and your potential. You're ready to put your head down and focus on, not in the business. ● You're fed up not knowing what the bank balance will look like a few months down the road. ● You don't know what's yours to spend or what's just holidaying in your account, on the way to paying the bills.● You went into business to do what you're good at, not spend so much time on all the other “business stuff.” ● You have a clear vision and big plans for your business. But you know you'll get there quicker if you could plan out the journey.● You know you're not releasing the potential in your business. ● If you could just see and talk through the opportunities hiding in your numbers you'd transform your income.

Let's Talk

Fancy a chat to see if we could support you and your business?And if we get on?

Click on the button below and follow the steps to schedule a slot in Libby's calendar.
This will then reserve a 20-minute chat where we can get to know you and your
business accounting needs better and explore how we can support you.

Project Based Support - Strategy Packs

Up front thinking

We'll send you a questionnaire to work through ahead of our session(s) for you to work through and return to us

Bespoke Sessions

Structured meeting to work through your chosen focus areas.

Actions Wrap up

You’ll get a list of actions to move forward with.

These sessions will help you to.......

Research and Development - Outline

Get clarity

Get clarity of mind as your have professional support and guidance to answer those 101 questions whirling around your head.

Move forwards

Know exactly where you and your business are headed as you have a financially minded wing-woman by your side to have honest conversations with.

peace of mind, peaceful, philosophy, mental, head

Focus on your business

Shake off those doubts and worries. It's up to you what the focus of the 1-1 sessions are, so use them to offload the questions and hang-ups that keep you awake at night; so you can then focus on your business.


Get first step on getting clarity on your business90 minute zoom sessionActions wrap up
Investment £349 (+ VAT)
Examples of a Starter Pack:● Understanding your business structure; ● How to get money the money out of your company; ● Reviewing your tech stack and connections to Xero.


Bringing focus for you to some specific issues2 x 90 minute zoom sessionsActions wrap up
Investment £495 (+ VAT)
Examples of a Focus Pack:● A couple of Starter Pack sessions;● Interpreting your numbers; ● Reviewing previous results and setting targets to look ahead.


Deep dive sessions to create plans3 x 90 minute zoom sessionsActions wrap upAccountability follow up zoom session
Investment £995 (+ VAT)
Examples of a Growth Pack:● Separate sessions on smaller topics; ● 3 sessions building on each other to deep dive into an area;● Spotting opportunities;● Determining your business position and path to achieve your plans.

Think a Strategy Pack might be what you need?

Fancy a chat to see if a strategy pack could help you and your business?

Schedule a slot in Libby's calendar for a 30 minute Business Discovery taster session. This will reserve a 30-minute zoom call where we can do a quick dive into your business and it's accounting needs, ahead of identifying the best strategy pack for you.

Need help with personal tax?


Wondering if we can help with your personal tax?

In short, maybe! We do take on personal tax clients. Please work through the questionnaire and we will come back to you to confirm ifwe can help and provide an idea on the associated fees. We are taking on clientsfor the 2023/2024 season, our fees start from £479 (including VAT).