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As a Chartered management accountant, I see things differently.  I see the potential hidden in the numbers and the people that most accountants never take the time to explore.
I set Iceberg up after over a decade employed in practice with BDO and major organisations like BUPA and GE.
It was frustrating seeing friends in business working so hard, struggling to achieve the income and lifestyle they deserved.
Sitting down with them, questioning their plans with the benefit of the numbers was such a turning point. Watching their eyes light up as opportunities leapt off the screen to grow their income or reduce their workload was addictive.
That's why I love my work, especially when I help business owners fall back in love with theirs.
I also love hanging out with my family, walks in the Hertfordshire countryside and watching them playing sports.(Less so the part-time taxi driving.)


About Libby

People say all kinds of things about themselves to get you interested. So here're the results of my Myers Briggs personality profiling assessment. I'm split right down the middle half ENTJ half ENFJ.

The Commander


The Protagonist


What to Expect

Tough Love

It's difficult for the people that care most about you to be critical. Your business is your baby and no one wants to call the baby ugly.
But if your advisers don't genuinely care about what's best for you they won't go that extra mile to help.I'll always go the extra mile for you and I'll be painfully honest with you to speed your journey.

Challenges You

Applying an outside-in perspective and helping clients achieve growth are fundamental to my approach.

Loves Shoes

Not any shoes, just fabulous ones! Practical but beautiful is the criteria for me.

Miscellaneous 42

Not what you'd expect

When I tell people I'm an accountant they're always surprised.

Mum to 3-boys!

I started my business to strive for the right work-life balance - Not easy!
I’ve learnt that progress comes from clarity: the what and why. Then we’ll figure out the how!

Purpose Driven

We will always work together with the goal/destination in mind.
That way we always have the big picture to guide us!

Business 1st, numbers 2nd, Cake always

The problem with some accountants is they only care about the numbers!

The numbers should help the business. Cake helps everything.

Let's Talk

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And if we get on?

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Working with Libby

She's just a warm, helpful individual who I know has got my best interests at heart and my business's best interests at heart.
I don't think I'd be in the same position as I am now without her supporting me


Liz Redway, MD, Redway HR

I like that she's very straightforward and cuts to the chase. She's just a really good person to have as an advisor.
You just need to surround yourself with the people that give you the advice that you trust.  


Jo Lovell, Director, Practical Change Partners

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