The HMRC app and the digital tax transformation

The HMRC app and the digital tax transformation

Making Tax Digital (MTD) for Income Tax Self-Assessment (ITSA) is a cornerstone of the UK Government’s strategy to modernise tax administration.

The MTD initiative marks a significant departure from traditional paper-based tax returns, ushering in a new era of efficiency and accuracy for small businesses.

While many businesses have already adopted digital tax administration, using the new HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) app could further streamline the process of ITSA.

Here are some important things you should know about the digital transformation of taxation.

How important is MTD for ITSA?

MTD for ITSA represents a major shift in how businesses manage their tax affairs – regardless of size or sector.

By migrating to a digital-first approach, businesses are not only complying with the latest regulations but also reaping the benefits of a streamlined, more transparent tax reporting process.

The use of digital records and the submission of updates to HMRC through MTD-compatible software offer a real-time view of tax obligations, reducing the likelihood of errors and the stress of year-end tax surprises.

Recent data from HMRC highlights a growing preference for digital solutions in tax management.

The HMRC app, which allows users to manage various tax-related tasks, has seen a surge in usage with payments totalling £121 million since April 2023.

While this app is not exclusively for MTD for ITSA, it signifies a broader trend towards digital tax management.

Why should you use MTD services for ITSA?

·        Accuracy and efficiency: Digital record-keeping minimises errors and ensures accuracy in tax calculations.

·        Real-time financial overview: MTD services provide up-to-date financial information, aiding in better business decision-making.

·        Ease of use: MTD-compatible software simplifies the process of recording and submitting tax information.

·        Compliance and peace of mind: Adhering to MTD regulations ensures compliance, avoiding potential penalties.

·        Improved cash flow management: Regular updates on tax liabilities help in better cash flow planning and management.

Seeking guidance from an accountant

Accountancy firms have played a pivotal role in guiding small businesses through the MTD for ITSA transition.

By offering expert advice, assisting in the selection of MTD-compatible software, and providing ongoing support, a qualified accountant can ease the transition for businesses, ensuring a smooth and compliant digital tax journey.

As we embrace the digital future of tax administration, small businesses stand to gain significantly from adopting MTD services for ITSA.

With the ITSA deadline (January 31 2024) fast approaching, now is the time for businesses to adopt MTD and transform their tax management processes.

Accountancy firms, equipped with the proper expertise and tools, are the ideal partners in this journey towards a more efficient, transparent, and compliant tax system.

For further information on the HMRC app please contact our knowledgeable tax experts.